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The Henty Machinery Field Days are held on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the third week in September each year. Over 60,000 people visit the Field Days over the three day period. There are over 600 exhibitors each year. It is one of the largest in Australia and displays new agricultural equipment and technology for farmers. The first of these modern field days was held in 1963. The field days are now held at a permanent all-weather rural exhibition site with broad display avenues including a square kilometre (250 acres) of car parking and an on-site airstrip.


Home of the Header…

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In 1914, Headie Taylor, a Henty farmerĀ  invented the header harvester which changed the Grain industry worldwide as it could lift the heads of damaged crops and collect grain that would have been previously lost. Ingenious!! . Come visit the home of the Header to find out more…

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In 1914, a local farmer named Headlie Taylor invented the header harvester which revolutionised the grain industry worldwide when it became commercially available in 1916. The harvester was superior to previous harvesters as it could ‘lift’ the heads of damaged crops and collect grain that would otherwise be lost. It was also more efficient, cutting the wheat heads rather than beating or pulling them off. The new technology was more reliable and compact than the stripper harvester and was manufactured by the McKay Harvesting and Machinery Co of Sunshine, Victoria. The header harvester was of significant economic value for Australia as its huge harvesting capacity aided the trend of bulk handling of wheat in Australia.

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